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The Founders and the current Management have a combined experience of more than 3 decades of Gray Iron metal, foundry technology and automotive clutch components and have kept them updated with latest trends in the foundry industry to ensure that all of our castings/components meet customer specifications and satisfaction.

Our products are manufactured at our state of the art manufacturing facility (RBD Engineers Pvt. Ltd.) at Khatraj, near Ahmedabad, strategically located to attain high efficiency in our processes maintaining a very high quality in our products.

Our companies provide high quality, wide range of clutch components for Automotive & Tractor Industry, Off- Road, Construction, Earth Moving Equipments and parts for Industrial Applications.

Sustained customer satisfaction due to reliability, competitive pricing, on time every time deliveries, engineering solutions and sound technical support of over 3 decades, has earned us the repute of the being the most preferred supplier for our Domestic as well as International Customers.

We are constantly understanding and adapting to the dynamic needs of our customers and work towards coming up with solutions to satisfy their needs. Our processes are well designed and are always being optimized to develop our products with the highest quality and precision. Our core competency lies in being a fully integrated manufacturing facility which manufactures parts that are cast and machined in-house in a "ready to assemble" condition. With ever growing demands in the global market, we have developed infrastructure with adequate capacity to ramp up production at short notices from our customers.

An in-house melting facility caters to the requirements of castings for automotive clutches like pressure plates, clutch covers, release bearings and other engineering components. These castings are machined using in-house CNC & conventional machining facilities. Our foundries are equipped with latest manufacturing processes & testing facilities to meet the stringent demand of the automotive industry. Zero defect parts and 100% customer satisfaction on all aspects of business is our constant endeavor.

Every component manufactured is "OEM Engineered" according to the design and specification given by the customer.
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RBD Engineers Pvt. Ltd. RBD Engineers Pvt. Ltd.