Manufacturers of fully machined, "ready to assemble" Cast Iron/Ductile Iron Clutch Components for

Automotive ( Car's, SUV's, LCV's, MCV's, HCV's) and Farm Equipment ( Tractors, Loaders, Dumpers, Earth Moving Equipments, Construction and Mining Equipment).

We manufacture :
  • Diaphragm and Spring Boss Type Pressure Plates from 160mm through 430mm.
  • Clutch Covers from 280mm to 380 mm.
  • Release Bearing Sleeves.
  • Bearing Cages.
  • Adaptors Rings, Intermediate Plates, Spider Hubs, Adjusting Rings.
  • Bell Housings SAE 1 through SAE 6.
  • PTO's and Flywheels.
  • Clutch Bodies, Bearing Housings etc. for Stationary Engine PTO's.
  • Flywheel Saver Rings.
  • Gear Cases
  • Input Flanges
  • Yoke Shafts
  • Pan Hard Link
  • Drawbars
  • Brackets
  • Engineering Components.
    • Piston Air Cylinder & Hydraulic Cylinder bodies.
    • Piston Follower.
    • End Caps & Covers.
Pressure Plates For Passenger Cars & SUVs
Pressure Plates & Covers for MCV, HCV
Components for Tractors, PTOs, Off-Roads, Construction, Earth Moving and Industrial Equipments
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